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19 July 2015


Club Secretary
Carol Stewart
Tel: 01334 828960

Isabel Copland
Tel: 01334 654449
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Membership Secretary
Pamela Rawlings
Tel: 01337 827074
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George Dalrymple
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Andrew Widd
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The GALLERY page contains new paintings by members of the club. It also show sthe Cupar in a Brushstroke paintings which are on show in the Adamson Hospital, Cupar.


Cupar Art Club has approximately seventy members with interests in painting, in various media, and in craft work.

Club members meet at the Club Studio, Cupar Community Centre, Castlehill, on Monday or Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday evening, and by arrangement, at other times.

A Wednesday evening in the Club Studio

The Club organises several Demonstrations and Workshops by well-known local artists during the year. These are listed in the Club Syllabus.

New members, including beginners, are always welcome.

Those interested in joining should contact the Membership Secretary, Pamela Rawlings

Tel: 01337 827074    Email: Pamela Rawlings


If you would like to support the Club you can become an Associate Member.

For £4 annually you will receive a programme of events and be kept up to date.

You will also automatically receive an invitation to the Preview Night of our Annual Exhibition at the Corn Exchange.

Contact Membership Secretary Pamela Rawlings (see left margin) for more information.



Our Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 13th May.

President Isabel Copland welcomed members and visitors to the Studio.

The committee was thanked for their work throughout the year, in particular Siv MacArthur and Marian Shepherd who retire as Treasurer and Secretary respectively. Both have held their posts for several years and Isabel acknowledged the effort and time given to help ensure the smooth running of the Club.

Reports were presented by the President, Treasurer and Secretary. Marian Shepherd outlined the planned events for the next club year.

Details of the committee membership are given on the COMMITTEE page




Daily opening times will be:
    Saturday 8th August 10am - 6pm,
    Sunday 9th August 2pm - 5pm,
    Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm and
    Saturday 15th August 10am - 5pm



John Duncan Fergusson

by Amy Waugh

On Tuesday 19th May President Isabel Copland welcomed Amy Waugh to the Club Studio. Amy is a Curator of Perth and Kinross Museums and Galleries and she came to give a talk about the work and life of Scottish Colourist John Duncan Fergusson.

Amy Waugh, curator at Perth and Kinross Museums and Galleries

Amy approached her subject through illustrations of Fergusson’s work and photographs of family, friends and ‘influences’. His life was outlined from birth in Leith in 1874, through a short period of training as a naval surgeon, which did not suit him, to his love of painting. The rigid teaching style of art school in Edinburgh did not suit him either and he decided to teach himself, travelling to Morocco, Spain and France. “To go to Paris is the natural place to go for a Scot”!

He met other artists and became friends with Samuel Peploe, studied at the Louvre and was highly influenced by the Impressionists. Nearer home he looked to Whistler and The Glasgow Boys amongst many. Amy continued by detailing something of Fergusson’s personal life, his ‘bohemian in spirit’ partnership with Scottish dancer, Margaret Morris, whom he later married. He became art director for all her dance schools, both in the South of France and Glasgow.

Later in life both he and Morris became greatly concerned to help young ‘budding’ artists whose opportunities did not take them to art school. In 1940 he and Margaret Morris founded the New Art Club with a focus on artistic development for Scottish painters. John Duncan Fergusson’s life and career in art is long and fascinating and Amy’s presentation was very informative and gave all who attended a most Interesting evening.

The Fergusson Gallery in Perth is devoted entirely to his work. Amy concluded her talk by telling us about the Gallery, how it was created from the old water tower and came to be the home of Fergusson's paintings and some of Margaret Morris’ costumes.

The club members who heard Amy’s talk are keen to follow up on the evening by paying a visit to The Fergusson Gallery to learn more about this fascinating “pioneer of modern art” and see his wonderful work.

There were several questions for Amy to answer after which Isabel gave a vote of thanks.




The Cupar Art Club Studio is located on the top floor of the Theatre Block

Theatre Block, Castlehill