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The GALLERY exhibits a collection of member's paintings and displays the Cupar in a Brushstroke paintings now on show in the Adamson Hospital, Cupar.

Siv MacArthur




Cupar Art Club has approximately seventy members with interests in painting, in various media, and in craft work.

Club members meet at the Club Studio, Cupar Community Centre, Castlehill, on Monday or Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday evening, and by arrangement, at other times.

A Wednesday evening last year in the Club Studio

The Club organises several Demonstrations and Workshops by well-known local artists during the year. These are listed in the Club Syllabus.

New members, including beginners, are always welcome.

Those interested in joining should contact the Membership Secretary, Janetta Bruce

Tel: 01334 655909 Email: Janetta Bruce


If you would like to support the Club you can become an Associate Member.

For £4 annually you will receive a programme of events and be kept up to date.

You will also automatically receive an invitation to the Preview Night of our Annual Exhibition at the Corn Exchange.

Contact Membership Secretary Janetta Bruce (see left margin) for more information




The Club Constitution, which will be discussed at the AGM on Wednesday 3rd May, can be downloaded as a PDF file, by clicking HERE.

Starting with an Underpainting

Gina in the Castlehill Studio

Gina is a full time professional artist, whose inspiration comes mainly from the Scottish landscape. She lives in North Fife and works from her studio overlooking the River Tay.

A scene from the island of Barra had been chosen for our demonstration.

Gina described her steps to completing a pastel painting including starting with a thumbnail sketch as a ‘warm up’ which would give an idea of how the overall composition might work. She continued by explaining her technique of underpainting with water colour or dilute acrylic paints and her use of complementary colours such as using a green ‘undercoat’ for a cottage roof before applying red in pastel.

Emphasis was paid to tones of dark and light; thus mountains in the distance were made light in tone with soft blending of pale or white pastel shades while the rocks round the bay in the foreground were darker with their shapes defined in charcoal. Gina demonstrated how she experiments with different materials and techniques to achieve what she wants in a composition - such as use of cloth, insulation foam, fingers or palm of hand to blend and soften. For example reflections were painted into the bay waters by applying pastel to the waters edge then ‘pulling down’ with insulation foam, thus giving an effective impression of sky and rock reflections on still waters. Gina painted her foreground last of all by adding the soft heathery colours of pink, purple and yellow ochre for grasses.

An atmospheric island composition gradually evolved - a very interesting and effective demontration.


Wednesday 7 May

Annual General Meeting


Castlehill Studio

All members are encouraged to attend

Saturday 24 May

with Susan Winton

9.45 - 4.00pm

Mixed Media:
Plaster & Collage

Castlehill Studio

Spaces for 12. List in Club Studio

The Castlehill Studio is located on the top floor of the Theatre Block

Theatre Block, Castlehill