Work by Club members

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image5       Marian Shepherd

Reflections - Venice       Janetta Bruce

image1       Siv MacArthur

image2       Siv MacArthur

The Mount       Roderick Gauld

Rain over Catacol       Catherine Elder

dark sky       Vicky Coull

image 3       Isabel Copland

Lichen Islands       Michael Hughes

BLOW YOUR OWN       Pam Rawlings

AIR ON A G STRING       Pam Rawlings

looking good       Vicky Coull

Goody Two Shoes       Caroline Green

Fowie       Michael Hughes

Fred       Roderick Gauld

BEACH STROLLERS       Pam Rawlings

image7       Marian Shepherd

image4       Siv MacArthur

Red Roses Blue Jug       Alison Baxter

bull rushes       Vicky Coull

Kilmaron Farmhouse       George Dalrymple

Muffin       Caroline Green

blue moon       Vicky Coull

Crossgate, Cupar       Peter Manson

image 1       Isabel Copland

image 2       Isabel Copland

Lowpin       Michael Hughes

BARNEY BOY       Pam Rawlings

image1       Marian Shepherd

hopeless case       George Dalrymple

Cupar Old Parish Church Tower       Peter Manson

moonlight       Vicky Coull

Crinan Canal nr Cairnbaan       George Dalrymple

Falkland Palace Garden       George Dalrymple

Inner Harbour, Mevagissey       George Dalrymple

image6       Marian Shepherd

Hot Stuff       Alison Baxter

Relaxing at Pittenweem       Janetta Bruce

Tayport Lighthouse       Alison Cage

landslide       Vicky Coull

Paint and Print       Alison Baxter

Highland Youngsters       Roderick Gauld

Winter Walk - Lomonds       Alison Cage

Arctic Tern       Catherine Elder

Cupar Five Churches       Peter Manson

image5       Siv MacArthur

autumn colours       Vicky Coull

Buckhaven 1909       Catherine Elder

Cleadale, Eigg       Michael Hughes

Elie       Catherine Elder

image4       Marian Shepherd

image2       Marian Shepherd

Flowers, Fruit and Frocks       Janetta Bruce

image3       Siv MacArthur

The old Singer       Janetta Bruce

Iona       Catherine Elder

Blue glass & Vermeer postcards       Janetta Bruce

Lost in the Garden       Alison Baxter

image3       Marian Shepherd

Hamewith       Michael Hughes

Molly Moo       Caroline Green

West Coast Waves       Roderick Gauld

image 4       Isabel Copland

image6       Siv MacArthur

Cupar Old Parish Church       Peter Manson

Pittenweem       Alison Cage

BROGAN       Pam Rawlings

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